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Jessie B Ultimate Wedding Bucket List

Can you help us tick off any items from our BucketULTIMATE Wedding Bucket List?!

Each and every wedding we have photographed has been amazing, how it is unique to each and every couple – their own personal details, surrounded  by loved ones and with the love that they share.

There are a few things that we would love to photograph at a wedding, the photographer’s ultimate dream!  Take a look at the list below and see if you can help us tick any off our list. 

And because we are so excited to get the opportunity to complete our list, we will give you a special Bucket List deal!

  • Tipi Wedding
  • Wedding Abroad - Sunny, beach vibes, amazing sea views
  • Wedding Abroad - Cold, snowy, log fires
  • Festival Wedding - Good music,
  • Elopement - with a kick-ass photoshoot afterwards
  • Wedding Photoshoot With a Unreal Backdrop - a hike to an amazing view, sunsetting, romance in the air!
  • Ceremony in a Natural Wonder - A forest, under a waterfall, on a cliff top
  • A Skateboarding Wedding - I love photographing skateboarding and weddings, so why not combine the two together?! Skateboarding down the aisle or a a session in the bowl after the ceremony.

If you are doing something a little bit different and can help tick off any of our list then please get in contact now – we are so looking forward to hear about your big day and provided some creative and totally gnarly  photography!

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